Wildflowers & Wildlife

Wildflowers & Wildlife

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Being located in one of only 25 biodiversity hotspots in the world, and virtually surrounded by water, the Harvey Region is home to a stunning array of wildflowers, wildlife and native vegetation.


Every year from August to November, Australia’s South West is painted with the vibrant blooms of over 8000 species of wildflowers – 80 per cent of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world! Set against the rolling green hills of our hinterlands, or the calm blue of our coast, the colourful blossoms are easy to spot. Look out for Blue Tinsel Lilies, White Spider Orchids and other striking flowers on your next walk.

Some of the top spots for wildflower sightings include:

  1. Wildflower Ridge
  2. Korijekup Conservation Park
  3. Myalup Beach Road
  4. Australind Pioneer Cemetery
  5. Yalgorup National Park (hot tip–visit Lake Josephine when the Red Samphire’s are in bloom to see the lake transform to an impressive pink pool!)
  6. Wardandi Nature Reserve

Local Fauna

Many unique Western Australia fauna species are found in the Harvey Region, including the Chuditch, Quenda, Carpet Python, Western Ringtail Possum, Quokka, Emu, Wedge Tail Eagles and the three species of Black Cockatoos; Carnaby’s, Baudin, and the Red-tailed Forest.

Native Vegetation

The native vegetation of the lateritic soils of the Darling Plateau is dominated by an open forest of Eucalyptus marginata–Corymbia callophylla, which in the Yarragil, Murray and Helena landforms is replaced by Eucalyptus patens and Eucalyptus rudis.

A range of vegetation complexes cover the Swan Coastal Plain including Corymbia callophylla–Allocasuarina fraseriana immediately east of the Scarp, to Banksia woodlands on the leached grey sand of the Bassendean dunes to Eucalyptus gomphocephala on the younger yellow sands to coastal heaths and shrublands of the Quindalup dunes. Eucalyptus rudis, Melaleuca spp. and sedgelands dominate the rivers, estuarine and wetlands systems.

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