Yalgorup National Park

Yalgorup National Park is the largest national park on the Swan Coastal Plain extending south of Mandurah to Myalup. The world-recognised RAMSAR wetland includes ten magnificent lakes, with Lake Preston and Lake Josephine situated within the Harvey Region.

Yalgorup (Yalgor is Noongar for swamp or lake) was set aside as a National Park in 1968, with Lakes Pollard, Martins Tank, Yalgorup, Hayward, Newnham Clifton, and Preston, added in 1971.

The lakes that characterise the park lie in the depressions between a series of coastal dunes and run parallel to the coast.

There is a Park information bay located at the beginning of Lake Preston Road, Myalup. Next to the Park, you will find the 100 Acre Wood Walk Trails that wind from the park to the beach.

Fun Fact
Lake Preston is nine times more saline than the ocean. Prior to National Park status, at the end of summer when the water in Lake Preston receded enough, salt was raked, bagged and boxed, and used for salt licks for cattle.


Lake Preston

Lake Preston stretches more than 30kms and is home to an impressive array of bird life, including the rare Hooded Plover. Take a scenic drive along Lake Preston Road, stopping at the Myalup Day Use area to soak in the serenity or birdwatch. Alternatively, take the 2km walk trail from Myalup.

Lake Preston is an area of Aboriginal significance and is said to be formed by the Wagyl as she went in search of her children.

Lake Preston Walk Trail

This easy out-and-back stroll along the lakeshore passes through a fringing thicket of swamp paperbark. You may see a number of kangaroos that inhabit the area.

The car park for the trail can be located about 10km along Preston Beach Road, just as you enter the township.  Preston Beach Road can be accessed from the Forrest Highway.

Yalgorup National Park

Lake Josephine

Within the Myalup town site, Lake Josephine is a small, picturesque lake that puts on an impressive display of pink in winter when the Red Samphire blooms. There is a walk path on its western boundary.

No motorised activities are allowed on Lake Preston or Josephine.

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