Korijekup Conservation Park

Korijekup Conservation Park is the largest and most diverse Darling Range foothills reserve south of Perth. Our First Nation Bindjareb people call Harvey, Coraigeca, or Korijekup; the place of the Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo.

The Conservation Park is a beautiful valley system comprising Jarrah-Marri Forest and Darling Range Ghost Gums with an understory tree layer of Banksia grandis and Allocasuarina fraseriana.

More than 293 different native plant species have been identified, including three species of Xanthorrhoea, (preissii, gracilis and acanthostachya) grass trees. It is a favourite for wildflowers, in particular orchids, and is home to the rare Stylidium Korijekup.

It is also a highly significant Bindjareb site.

Note: The walk and MTB trails are not officially designated. Please keep to the natural path and stay safe. There are no amenities within the Park.

Access the Park via either Fleay Road in the east or Morton Road in the west.

Korijekup Conservation Park

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