Homegrown Hero: Patane Produce

Case Study: Patane Produce

Location: Myalup

The Patane family has been a fixture in Myalup for over four decades, cultivating and harvesting fresh produce with passion and dedication.

These days, Patane Produce stands tall as one of Western Australia’s leading horticulture enterprises, supplying international, national and local markets with top-quality fresh vegetables.

Run by Michael and Pennie Patane, the business is vertically integrated and employs around 70 staff, including a comprehensive packing facility for all the lines they grow.

The main hub of the operation is located at the corner of Pead and Old Coast Roads in Myalup, with growing areas, administration buildings, and several washing and packing complexes .The company’s growing area encompasses approximately 440 hectares spread across several properties in close proximity, making it a significant contributor to the local economy.

International Recognition

Carrots, onions and potatoes make up to 89% of Patane Produce’s annual output (approximately 30% each), with other products like broccoli complementing their range of fresh produce.

The company has established a reputation for producing top-grade carrots, with the popular vege recognised internationally.

Purple Power

Patane Produce is innovative in its approach to farming, and one of its latest ventures is growing purple carrots. These delicate, slender carrots are about five to eight centimetres long and have a distinct deep purple skin. They are sweeter than other carrots, and their flavour intensifies when roasted, baked, or sautéed.

A recent Australian study has shown that purple carrots are high in anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. Patane Produce is making its mark in this niche market, and its purple carrots are in high demand.

Diversification Drives a Sustainable Business

The Patane family believes in diversification to create a sustainable business model. Alongside their horticultural enterprise, they also run 500 head of European and Angus steers as part of their environmental sustainability program. The cattle consume vegetable products that are not fit for commercial use, producing grass-and vegetable-fed meat of the highest quality.

Commitment to Industry Development

Pennie Patane is an active member of the agricultural industry, serving on the Potato Strategic Investment Advisory Panel, AUSVEG, and the Agricultural Advisory Committee for Harvey Agricultural College.

That’s not to mention the countless number of young people being educated and inspired through the school group tours led by Pennie on the farm. Her commitment to industry development is an essential part of the Patane family’s ethos.

Controlling the Supply Chain

Patane Produce operates a floor at the Canning Vale wholesale markets in Perth, providing retailers with year-round access to fresh, quality produce.

Approximately 70% of the company’s produce is exported to international markets, with Patane Produce controlling the supply chain from farm to port.

Our Myalup location enables us to focus on vertical integration, providing quality control over stages of the supply chain to ensure product integrity is maintained. We have quicker processing times and we get direct feedback on any issues, market changes or client requirements.

Pennie Patane, Owner, Patane Produce

The Patane family’s hard work and commitment to quality has made Patane Produce a leading horticulture enterprise in Western Australia. Their dedication to sustainable farming practices, diversification, and industry development make them a significant contributor to the local and national economy

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Patane Produce do not sell direct to the public. Seek their products through Coles Supermarkets and other major stores.

T: +61 8 9720 2235

E: info@pataneproduce.com.au

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