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Case Study: Harvey Hemp

Location: Harvey

Western Australia’s only hemp seed processing facility is located on the outskirts of Harvey, opening up a new avenue of profitable horticulture at the cutting edge.

It all started with a mission to tackle two of the world’s biggest environmental problems: overfishing for omega oils and the scourge of plastics in our oceans.

Long-time friends Greg LeGuier and Mark Power shared this vision and, in late 2020, they decided to act. Prior to this, their connection to this emerging industry had been as investors and professional service providers. It took the pair approximately 14 months to secure land and specialised machinery, but their vision came to fruition when the first hemp seed was processed at their facility in early 2022.

Today, Harvey Hemp is a Western Australia-based scalable and commercial cultivator, processor, and distributor of low THC hemp seed for healthy food, wellness, and commercial products.

A Fair Go for All

One of the main challenges faced by businesses like Harvey Hemp is educating the wider market on what hemp actually is and its many applications. In addition, the founders of Harvey Hemp are determined to change that, working tirelessly to develop a business model that delivers a fair return to all those involved in hemp production, including Western Australian farmers.

How Hemp Helps as a Rotational Crop

Established farmers in the Harvey Region have the opportunity to use hemp as a rotational summer crop, creating an additional income stream for them. And for those who are new to the industry, Harvey Hemp provides an important stepping stone for growers of hemp, giving them hope for commercialising their crop.

Promoting Health From the Soil Up

But it’s not just the farmers who benefit from this innovative enterprise. Processing the seed of the plant into consumable products such as hempseed oil and hemp protein can be beneficial to the health of both humans and animals. The land we live and breathe on may also benefit due to the soil cleansing abilities attributed to the hemp plant.

Persistence Pays Off

One of the key things that Harvey Hemp has in common with other agricultural success stories in the Harvey Region is their persistence and focus. Despite facing setbacks, the team remained steadfast in their goal of becoming Western Australia’s first hemp seed processing facility.

It’s that Harvey Region get up and go we’ve been talking about, in action.

In 2022, they were awarded a $50,000 Regional Economic Development grant by the South West Development Commission. The grant itself has been invested wisely into a mobile hemp seed dryer, an integral part of their processing capability.

Connection to Community

For Greg LeGuier, Harvey Hemp holds a special place in his heart, as his family ties to the Harvey Region go back to the early days of settlement. When Greg and Mark purchased the property, it wasn’t until a later conversation with his father that Greg realised his family had roots located literally a few farm gates down the road.

With Harvey Hemp now embedded into the Harvey Region community, Greg and Mark are focused on connecting to all localities and employing locals. This is a promise that has already begun to bear fruit, with the majority of the required work on-site thus far completed by local contractors.

Future Focused

Harvey Hemp has one eye on the future, while honouring the past of this proud farming region. The size of their current crops around the South West and Great Southern regions have only been a fraction of the thousands of hectares they have access to, but they’re ready for when that demand increases.

The pair envisions that export opportunities to key Asian markets will play a role in this expansion. They have identified that the eastern states of Australia are off-limits, due to market saturation, but believe the Western Australian market still needs time to mature.

Despite pivoting from the initial business model of cultivating hemp into becoming Western Australia’s first hemp seed processing facility, they still plan to grow hemp on the Herbert Road site which will be the home of an eight hectare crop. However, it will also now serve the dual role of a research and development site too.

The benefits of hemp are enormous and we are confident we can expand into high-demand Asian markets from the Harvey Region.

Greg LeGuier and Mark Power, Co-owners, Harvey Hemp

Committed to Sustainability

Harvey Hemp is not just a business, it’s a sustainable solution to some of the world’s most pressing environmental problems. With their innovative approach to the hemp industry, Greg and Mark’s business has the potential to be a game-changer in Western Australia and beyond.

By focusing on education and a fair value chain for everyone involved, Harvey Hemp is setting the standard for what a sustainable and socially responsible business can achieve.

As the demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products continues to grow, it’s clear that businesses like Harvey Hemp will play an important role in shaping the future of our planet, and the Harvey Region is at the forefront of incubating this type of business.

Through their dedication to the hemp industry and their commitment to creating a positive impact on the environment, Harvey Hemp is paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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In Harvey, you can source Harvey Hemp products from GeoVinoHarvey Cheese, and Harvey Bizee Hands.

T: +61 459 931 019

E: info@harveyhemp.com.au


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