Homegrown Hero: House of Sharday

Case Study: House of Sharday

Location: Harvey

From its humble beginnings, the demand grew, and in 1995, the House of Sharday perfumery was established.

The company, driven by Rose and John Italiano and their daughter Adriana, manufactures perfumery and fragrant skincare products that reflect the spectacular beauty of Western Australian flora.

From the Kitchen Table


Originally dairy farmers, John and Rose began investigating ways to diversify their income. The business started as a ‘side hustle’ on the kitchen table and soon became part of the family.

Every member is or has been involved in House of Sharday since its inception.

Hard Work Philosophy in Harvey

For John and Rose, Harvey is home. Both are from multi-generation Italian migrants who settled in Harvey in the 1920s with only ten pounds to their name.

They were raised on the philosophy of hard work and grasping every opportunity with two hands.

We know Harvey has always strongly supported and fostered boutique businesses… many have grown substantially to become nationally recognised companies.
House of Sharday

Blooming Business

Perfume is one of the world’s most competitive industries. To succeed, Rose and John recognised the need to create a product unique to Western Australia and the Harvey Region.

Living in the South West and surrounded by brilliant wildflowers in spring, Rose was inspired to re-create their scent to be enjoyed throughout the year.

These Australian flora-based creations with lush exotic blossoms are expertly curated with the love and passion that can be found in every House of Sharday product.

Product and Packaging is Everything

Unable to compete with international companies on advertising, the company focus on quality products and packing. Reaping the rewards, House of Sharday won the 2012 National Design Award for their ‘Wild’ fragrance packaging.

Flexible and Dynamic

During COVID-19, the company quickly pivoted, producing hand sanitiser for the Harvey Region and Western Australia. In true ‘House of Sharday’ style, the product was infused with Australian ingredients – aloe vera for soothing skin feel and lemon myrtle known for its uplifting properties.

Not afraid of hard work and accepting a challenge, they also once produced a fragrance on behalf of a major distributor in Sydney within 24 hours.

Committed to the Future

The Italianos are investing in the Harvey Region with the construction of a standalone production facility and showroom, with the potential for a future retail store. They are also a major supplier to leading tourism retailers.

Source Now

The House of Sharday products are available at many suppliers in Perth and the South West, including Local Emporio and Harvey Cheese in Harvey, and Aspects of Kings Park, Perth.

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