Former Harvey Post Office & Exchange 1957

Former Harvey Post Office & Exchange 1957
This imposing two-storey structure built in 1957 was once a focal point in Harvey, operating as Harvey’s fifth post office for 39 years.

The building featured three pink terrazzo-tiled pillars and pink-tiled columns between the lower north windows. The front protruding section featured a full-length two-storey window.

A telephone exchange was located on the upstairs floor of the building.

There were also three built-in wall phone boxes for residents who did not have a home phone.

There have been many forms of the Post Office in Harvey.

  1. Adam’s House Old Staging Post 1883
  2. Fairlawn House Historic Site
  3. Harvey Wooden Cottage Post Office 1887
  4. Old Post Office and Exchange 1923
  5. Former Harvey Post Office and Exchange 1957
  6. Australia Post in Uduc Street

Former Harvey Post Office & Exchange 1957

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