Cowarup Hill – Milligan Homestead Historic Site 1870

Cowarup Hill – Milligan Homestead Historic Site 1870

James and Elizabeth Milligan travelled out from Ireland with their first child in 1860. On their arrival, they settled at Parkfield.

The slab Milligan Homestead was built in 1870 by James. The house sat backing up to a dune looking toward the Estuary on the family property and was known as Cowarup Hill.

It had a beautiful garden, with a line of Poplar trees leading in, huge Oleander trees, and plants cascading all around the house. There was a dairy at the front near the road, and cattle were also run on the land at Belvidere. In later years’ descendants who lived in the home had a pig sty closer to the water.

James and Elizabeth had 11 children.


In the old slab home the kitchen was separate from the main house. Bacon would be hung to smoke inside the chimney. The floor was originally made of termite mounds, which once compacted, was so hard it became polished until you could see your face in it!
Phil Atherton


The Milligan family also had properties in Beach Road, Bunbury, and South Bunbury.


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