Rosamel Farm 1840s

Rosamel Farm 1840s
Rosamel, regarded as one of the leading farms in the district, was first owned by Captain John Septimus Roe before it was purchased by Australind’s first Chief Commissioner, Marshall Waller Clifton.

The property was a natural landing for boats in the Leschenault Estuary.

At one stage, Rosamel Farm was leased by John Allnutt Snr and in other years Waller Clifton employed Hut Keepers, usually ex-convicts, to maintain the property.

His grandson, John Edward Martin (JEM or Teddy) Clifton, for many years managed the farm. Born in 1844, John Clifton resided at Rosamel as a bachelor before marrying his second cousin, Anne Emily Fanny Clifton, in 1871 in Albany.

At this time, the property consisted of 3,500 acres of freehold estate land and was worked along with another farm at Wokalup for grazing. John Clifton ran mixed and dairy farming at Rosamel, plus raised swine. His dairy herd consisted of shorthorns and jersey cows. He also grew wheat and hay and grazed more than 500 sheep.

John Clifton resided at Rosamel practically the day of his death in 1912. His wife predeceased him by 18 years.

There was a great Tuart tree on the property. Every night he hoisted a large cask out of the reach of snakes and natives and slept in peace. He also used the cask as a wardrobe and, on one occasion, a sow deposited her litter on the owner’s dress suit, much to his disgust.

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It is believed that the tree was also known as the All Nut Tree in the days of John Allnut. John moved to Bridgetown and was the first to recognise the area’s apple-growing potential.

Later, John Allnut’s son John Jnr, took a lease on Rosamel Farm. By 1865, this became a dairy and arable farm of 560 acres.

Rosamel Farm

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