Leschenault Ridge Ride

Leschenault Ridge Ride
Are you keen on a short morning ride with stunning views of the Leschenault Estuary? The Leschenault Ridge Ride is a popular cycling 19km route for locals.

Start the day at Benesse Australind and head along Old Coast Road, before turning into Cathedral Avenue. Soon after, take Elinor Bell Road (named after Elinor Bell Clifton) where a small-medium incline begins.

Continue along Elinor Bell, turn left into Roberts Road, continue along Australind Road, turn left into Knapp Drive, before a quick right, then left, onto Lofthouse Drive.

Continue to ride through the tree-lined street of the Leschenault Ridge before taking a small descent down Lofthouse Drive, passing the Rosamel Wetlands on your right. Shortly after, you will hit Cathedral Avenue again.

Head back to Australind along Cathedral Avenue, passing the famous Cathedral Avenue Paperbarks, and finish the morning with a coffee or breakfast at Benesse Australind – you won’t be disappointed!

Credit: Google Maps

Trailhead Location


  • Road cycling. Inclines to the Ridge.


  • 19.1 kilometres return


  • 1-1.5 hours
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