WA Condensed Milk Factory Historic Site 1931

WA Condensed Milk Factory Historic Site 1931
Who doesn’t secretly love condensed milk? Did you know that Western Australia’s first condensed milk factory was located in Harvey?

Until 1931, all condensed milk in Australia was produced in the Eastern States and imported into Western Australia.

The WA Condensed Milk factory was built in 1931 near the corner of Newell Street and Herbert Road.

It commenced production in September 1931 and manufactured three brands of condensed milk – ‘Stirling’, ‘Western Pride’ and ‘W.A.C.M. Skim’.

The Stirling brand was named after Sir James Stirling as the factory site was on land previously owned by Governor Stirling in earlier days.

Overseeing the operations were Mr Franklin and Mr Jefferies, both with experience in the production of condensed milk. The first 400 tins were dispatched by 4th Sept 1931.

By the 18th of September, a consignment of 4,800 tins of condensed milk left Harvey by rail. Around this time the factory employed 15 people.

In 1941, Harvey’s South West Co-op Dairy Products in Roy Street purchased the entire interests of Harvey’s condensed milk factory and merged the businesses.

WA Condensed Milk Factory Historic Site 1931

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