Myalup Pines Horse Trails

Myalup Pines Horse Trails
Take a horseback ride through the beautiful Myalup Pines.

Begin at the Old Coast Road Brewery; a fantastic spot for a refreshing drink or lunch, with horse float parking, horse yards, and troughs.

From the Brewery, take the southern limestone path to reach the 10th Light Horse Bridle Trail, loop around the pine forest (note, the paths/fire breaks on the north and south boundaries of the pine forest are deep sand), or take one of the narrow bush trails that crisis cross the forest for an adventure surrounded by tall pine trees.

Overall, the narrow tracks within the pine plantation provide an easier and more pleasant, shaded walk. Some are undulating.

Please note:

  • Unapproved motorbikes may ride in this vicinity.
  • Track subject to change as they regularly harvest the pines.
  • Other than the 10th Light Horse Bridle Trail, there is no signage within the Pine Forest.
  • Ride at your own risk.



Myalup Pines Horse Trail

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