Yarloop Water Tower Historic Site 1897

Yarloop Water Tower Historic Site 1897
Since 1897, Yarloop has had three water tanks built by the Western Australian Government Railways (WAGR) to provide water for steam locomotives.

The structure built on this site in 1913 had a circular 25,000-gallon tank atop a 40-foot stand. Until the railway water supply was connected to the town main in 1963, water for the tank was pumped from local sources, including Logue Brook and nearby wells.

It was a Yarloop landmark and was also known for stories of those who climbed the tower as a dare or to collect birds’ eggs. It was easier to climb than descend.

Former Yarloop resident, Jack Davis the Aboriginal activist, author and poet, wrote about it in his book A Boy’s Life.

Locomotives last took water at Yarloop in May 1971. No longer required, the tank and stand were demolished circa 1980.

As the tower collapsed, a cloud of alarmed birds flew from their cosy roosts.


Yarloop Water Tower Historic Site

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