Hoffman Mill Historic Site

Established in 1897, Hoffman Mill is a historic timber town and area, northeast of Harvey.

The Hoffman Mill camping site (currently closed) is at the location of the timber mill known as Hoffman No. 2.

Hoffman No. 1. was a mill site that operated from 18978 until 1917 when it burnt down.

They established Hoffman No. 2 in 1921, approximately 16km southeast of the original Hoffman No. 1. This mill operated until its closure in 1964 and was noted for its horizontal band saw.

At its peak, the town consisted of about one hundred and fifty people. There were houses for married couples, huts for single men and a boarding house. The town was owned by private company Millars Timber and Trading Co who provided a general store that included the Post Office and Savings Bank. The town also had Mr Smith’s shop where children could buy ‘lollies’, and he provided a billiard saloon and betting shop for the adults.

Millars also provided a hall where a travelling showman ran the movies once a fortnight and they organised dances.

There was a cricket ground cleared and built by weekend busy bees and three tennis courts were constructed of white ant heaps and clay. The Tennis Club was particularly well organised and well patronised.

When the mill ceased operating, the buildings were relocated or demolished.

A camping site and walk trails were established in the area. The site is currently closed as Alcoa conducts activities in the area.



The train arrived every weekday at the Hoffman Mill settlement with meat and vegetables.

“The shop would close for about 30 minutes and the women waited on the shop verandah having a chat while the orders were sorted. Meat came in calico bags with people’s names on them. The same loco brought in logs to the mill and in the afternoon the train steamed out again with all the days sawn timber aboard.” 
Esmae Southorn.

Hoffman Mill Historic Mill Site

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