Harveston Homestead Historic Site 1884

Harveston Homestead Historic Site 1884
Harveston Homestead, the first home of first settlers George and Ellen Gibbs, once stood at the end of Hillside Road. Built in 1884, by George’s brother Herbert (author May Gibbs’ father) it was within walking distance of the original Governor Stirling Homestead where they all initially resided.

Ellen Gibbs (nee Holden) was the sister of HJ Holden and the Holden Cars empire.

When building Harveston, Herbert had assistance from a kind Aboriginal convict. However, his unkempt presentation scared young May Gibbs, and is believed to be the inspiration for the Big Bad Banksia Man in her much-loved books.

In 1921, George’s daughter Winifred married Fred Knight, of Bowgada’ Station, Murchison. When George and Herbert left the district, they transferred the property to Winifred’s children, Colin and Len Knight.

The property operated as a dairy and orchard.

Unfortunately, the original homestead was dismantled.

Harveston Homestead

  • Aachen Way, Harvey WA 6220
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