Former Yarloop Post Offices

Former Yarloop Post Offices
Since 1895, the Yarloop (Waigerup Mill) Post Office has had many incarnations within the town, but has always provided a valuable service to the community.

1895 to 1900

The first Post and Telegraph Office opened in a Millar’s Timber and Trading Company building at Waigerup Mill (the original name for Yarloop).

Mr Herbert Trigwell was the first postmaster appointed in December 1895.

In 1953, Millar’s moved that building next to the Town Hall for use as a library.

1900 to 1953

Mr J Lake won the Public Works Department contract for a Post Office and residence at Lot 123 (12 McDowell Street) in December 1899.

At the time, this Post Office, the Palace Hotel, and the Police Station were all situated on McDowell Street, opposite the railway station, and formed a hub in Yarloop’s early years.

This building was extended several times before they superseded it in 1953.

It became a private residence and survived the 2016 Bushfires.


A Post Office and Telephone Exchange was built at the corner of Johnston and Barrington Knight Roads.


When it closed circa 1991, the Post Office service was transferred to a business on Station Street. The building on Johnston Road then became a private residence which burnt down in the 2016 Bushfires.

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