Shire of Harvey Cuts Red Tape With New Planning Scheme

The Shire of Harvey’s long awaited new Local Planning Scheme No. 2 is now in effect after being published in the Government Gazette on Friday, 12 April 2024.

The new Scheme was prepared by Shire of Harvey staff in collaboration with the community and Government stakeholders over the last 8 years and replaces the previous 28 year old Scheme.

Shire of Harvey President Michelle Campbell said Local Planning Scheme No. 2 would be particularly refreshing for businesses, developers and homeowners due to significant red tape cuts.

“This Scheme is a much needed update from the previous development framework, which was nearly 30 years old and a far more complex document,” Ms Campbell said.

“We now have a simpler, more streamlined rulebook for the community.

“The new Scheme outlines more exemptions from Development Approvals, which means a greater number of people will be able to proceed with small projects without needing to apply for Development Approval.

“We have replaced most building envelopes with standard setbacks, so people will be able to easily find how distanced their development must be from a street or waterway.

“And there is now far more flexibility for land use, which will accommodate an increase in building and property varieties in the Harvey Region.”

Ms Campbell said Local Planning Scheme No. 2 was a pro-development approach that simultaneously strengthened protection of the natural environment, minimised waste and facilitated efficient resource use.

The new Scheme provides a modern framework for community planning that renews the Shire’s sustainability commitments, support for tourism and the economy and strengthens protection of the natural environment.

Shire of Harvey Director Sustainable Development Simon Hall said the new framework would be responsive to a growing Harvey Region.

“it’s a great achievement by Officers to complete this Scheme in house and we are proud to implement a new framework reflective of development needs within our Shire,” he said.

View the Local Planning Scheme No. 2 here.

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