Homegrown Hero: Gibbs Creek Grove

Within the stunning Harvey foothills of the Darling Range, you’ll find a farm that’s been producing some of the finest citrus fruits in Western Australia for over 60 years.

Gibbs Creek Grove is a fifth-generation family farm that has changed the way people think about farm-direct produce. Under the leadership of Jon Knight and his wife Mariko, Gibbs Creek Grove has garnered a reputation for quality, innovation, and for having some of the best-tasting citrus in Western Australia.


Passion for Quality

Gibbs Creek Grove is committed to providing the highest quality produce possible. They are fortunate to have rich loamy soils and abundant high-quality water, which both support healthy trees. They also pick their fruit at a high level of maturity, ensuring deep flavour and sweetness.

Innovation and Inspiration

Innovation is at the heart of Gibbs Creek Grove. One of their most successful innovations is the commercial production of mangoes. To their knowledge, they are currently the southern-most commercial mango producers in WA.

Their first planting from 2004 is still producing well and has been very important for their business. In 2021, they were excited to plant their next generation of trees to ensure strong future production.

Homegrown Hero: Gibbs Creek Grove

Toasting a Sweet Victory

In 2019, Gibbs Creek Grove made waves in the culinary world when their Gibbs Creek Seville Orange, Lemon and Lime Marmalade, infused with Angostura Bitters, took home the top prize at the Commonwealth Marmalade Contest in the UK.

Their marmalade was awarded a perfect score, beating entries from over 40 countries. Talk about a sweet victory!

The farm grows Kensington Pride mangoes, Imperial mandarins, Mystique mandarins, and Late Lane navel oranges, all hand-selected for ripeness and sold as farm-direct produce in Perth.

You can source their fabulous produce from the Subi Farmers Market, Mount Claremont Farmers Market, and Farmers Market on Manning.

Gibbs Creek Grove is inspired by the grower community that attends Perth’s farmers’ markets. They attend these weekly markets alongside other smaller Harvey Region growers – like Runnymede Farm and Truly Organic Farm – who share their strong focus on product quality and freshness.

It also allows them to establish a direct connection between the farm and the end consumer.

Expanding Horizons

After returning to the family business in 2014, Jon and his wife Mariko are ensuring Gibbs Creek Grove continually adapts and changes with the times. They’ve taken advantage of the changing consumer preference for farmers’ markets, ventured into the beef industry in 2017 with the purchase of an Angus cattle herd, and even set their sights on tourism accommodation with plans for boutique tiny houses on the property in coming years.

Source Now

Gibbs Creek Grove is not open to the public. However, in Perth, head to the Subi Farmers Market, Mount Claremont Farmers Market, and the Farmers Market on Manning.

For more information on Gibbs Creek Grove:

T: 0405 134 655

E: gibbscreek@gmail.com

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