The Harvey Region Advantage

The Harvey Region Advantage

15 Reasons to Invest in the Harvey Region.

If you’re looking for a vibrant hub to locate your business, the Harvey Region in Australia’s South West is a productive and sustainable choice.

There is much in favour of choosing the Harvey Region as a business destination–here’s why:

The Harvey Region Advantage

1. Fertile Ground for Growth

The Harvey Region is one of the largest LGAs in the South West with an estimated population is more than 30,000 residents. The population of the area grew by 24% in the decade leading into 2021 and is projected to grow by more than 30% by 2031.

The Harvey Region Advantage

2. Sustainable Development at its Heart​

The Shire of Harvey is committed to sustainable land use planning, with a focus on protecting its precious natural resources, supporting agriculture, and encouraging responsible development. However, this commitment does not come at an economic cost. In fact, in 2021, we had a per hectare gross regional product of $11,175, higher than Western Australia’s $1,367.

The Harvey Region is also experiencing strong interest from renewable companies which have identified its natural advantages in this space, including solar, battery, hydrogen and wind.

We are home to several innovative companies that are leveraging new technologies to improve their operations and products, such as Harvey Beef.

The Harvey Region Advantage

3. A Strategic Location​

Situated between the cities of Perth and Bunbury, with a growing population base, the Shire of Harvey LGA is well-placed–literally and figuratively and is fortunate to share the same time zone with key trade markets in Asia.

The Harvey Region Advantage

4. Winning Diversified Industries​

You’ll find a supportive business environment and a range of investment opportunities in various sectors. The Harvey Region’s current and future investment strengths are in four specific areas:

  1. Food, agribusiness and technologies
  2. Mining and manufacturing
  3. Renewable and clean technologies, and
  4. Tourism, sport and leisure.

The agriculture and manufacturing sectors combined to make up more than 43% of the Harvey Region’s economic output, and create over 2,200 local jobs (2021).

The Harvey Region Advantage

5. Agriculture Heartland

It’s a renowned agricultural region with fertile alluvial soils, a warm climate, and abundant water resources, making it an ideal location for agriculture.

It’s also a region which is not only succeeding but growing. The Harvey Region’s output by all industries increased by $414 million in 2020/21.

The Harvey Region Advantage

6. The World is Watching

The Region’s allure has also caught the attention of leading global companies, such as Albemarle, to one of the world’s largest suppliers of lithium for electric vehicle batteries. The world leader has chosen Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area as the location for its lithium hydroxide processing plant. This investment has already created over 1,800 construction jobs and is expected to generate an additional 370 operational roles in the future, marking the beginning of a brand-new lithium refining industry in WA.

The Harvey Region Advantage

7. Strong Tourism Potential​

There is significant promise for tourism development, with opportunities for eco-tourism, adventure tourism, and cultural tourism all on the cards for Bunbury Geographe (or BunGeo as it’s known). Its natural attractions, world class produce, unique history, and proximity to major markets make it an ideal location for tourism investment and a hot destination for ahead of the curve influencers.

The Harvey Region Advantage

8. Build it and They Will Come​

The Harvey Region has well-developed infrastructure. The area has a strong transport network, with connections to Forrest Highway, South Western Highway, Bunbury Port, and reliable public transport.

Residents and businesses within the Harvey Region are set to benefit from the completion $1 billion+ Bunbury Outer Ring Road project by the end of 2024.

There are also business cases underway for a fast rail connection or light rail integrated public transport solution from Mandurah to Busselton via Binningup, Myalup and Australind.

The Harvey Region Advantage

9. An Affordable Lifestyle​

The Harvey Region offers a relaxed and welcoming community lifestyle, with affordable housing, excellent health services, and a range of community events and activities compared to other business hubs. Its strong community spirit and high quality of life make it an attractive location for families and retirees seeking a peaceful and comfortable lifestyle.

The Shire of Harvey LGA also has a low unemployment rate, of 3.1% (September 2022).

The Harvey Region Advantage

10. A Combination of Land, Sea & Water​

The Shire of Harvey’s diverse natural attractions, including the Leschenault Estuary, the Leschenault Peninsula Conservation Park, Yalgorup National Park, Logue Brook Dam and Harvey Dam, and the Darling Scarp combine to offer a beguiling lifestyle offering for those who choose to live and work here.

These attractions offer a range of outdoor experiences, such as fishing, kayaking, and bushwalking, making the Harvey Region an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Perhaps most importantly, the Harvey Region is home to one of only four irrigation supply schemes.

The Harvey Region Advantage

11. Home to Rising Stars​

The Harvey Region has a long-standing tradition of commerce and entrepreneurship, with a diverse range of industries driving economic growth and contributing to the prosperity of the local community. The economy has seen steady growth over the past decade, with an economic output of $5 billion and an unemployment rate of less than 8%.

The area is full of residents who have turned their passion into successful businesses, many operating for generations. The Harvey Region is home to both iconic and emerging brands, including Harvey Beef, Harvey Fresh, Albemarle, and Tronox, all of whom have chosen the area as their Western Australian home.

The Harvey Region Advantage

12. The Ultimate Work-Life Balance​

The Harvey Region is a place where together, we work toward creating a dynamic region, where business innovation is achieved congruently with an exceptional, sustainable lifestyle.

The five-minute life awaits. Exceptional connectivity, short commuting times, outstanding residential services and infrastructure, and stunning landscapes create an enviable place to live.

The Harvey Region Advantage

13. Skilled & Diverse Workforce​

The Region exudes innovation and a ‘have a go’ attitude. It has a skilled and motivated labour force, with 30% of residents holding a vocational qualification which is 5% above the regional WA average. The area is also home to a range of educational facilities, including the WA College of Agricultural and South Regional TAFE, and is close to Edith Cowan University.

Businesses also have access to the South West Designated Area Migration Agreement, which took effect in 2022, easing the burden of skilled worker shortages.

In short, it’s a workforce ready and able to contribute to your bottom line. In 2021, the Shire of Harvey LGA had a per worker gross regional product of $234,438.

The Harvey Region Advantage

14. Proud Heritage of Diversity​

The Harvey Region takes pride in its cultural heritage, including the heritage of its First Nations people, the Bindjareb and Wardandi people of the Noongar Nation.

We are also a welcoming and diverse community, with 19.3% of residents coming from overseas. The growing immigrant population has helped drive economic growth and enhance the area’s thriving business community.

Our business environment is characterised by hard work, community support, and a “have a go” spirit, which has earned the area a reputation for being a place where anyone, no matter their background, can succeed.

The Harvey Region Advantage

15. Here to Support You​

The Harvey Region has a supportive and favourable business climate, with a range of support services and programs available to assist businesses to start, grow and succeed.

The area is strongly connected to thriving business communities such as the Bunbury Geographe Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Bunbury Geographe Economic Alliance, which provide opportunities for collaboration, growth and networking.

The Shire of Harvey is also committed to supporting investment and development in the Region, offering a clear and streamlined planning process and support services to help investors navigate the investment process.

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