Creative Industries

Creative Industries

Smart Move – Our Creative Thinkers.

The Harvey Region is a community filled with visionaries and creative thinkers committed to creating a positive impact.

The Shire of Harvey understands the importance of cultivating the creative industries to ensure a sustainable future within the Harvey Region and has invested in a new hub to incubate this talent to its full potential.

With a gross economic value of $5.8 billion to $7.3 billion and employing approximately 53,000 people in Western Australia, the creative industries are an essential component of the state’s economy.

Think Big
  • The Shire of Harvey’s Art and Culture Strategy – Creative Communities 2027 has been designed to drive growth.
  • Located only 15 minutes away from Australind, a Creative Tech Village was established in 2023 by ECU and the WA Government.
  • In WA, workers in creative occupations are twice as likely to hold a university degree or higher qualification than all employed workers.
The Bottom Line
  • The Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre estimates that the creative industries grew by 27.8% in Australia between 2006 and 2016.
  • WA’s creative industries have a gross economic value of between $5.8 billion and $7.3 billion.
  • Jobs in the creative industries grew by 27.8% in Australia between 2006 and 2016.
  • WA’s creative industries employ approximately 53,000 people, most of them sole traders.
Opportunities on Offer
  • Creative agencies specialising in advertising, branding, and digital marketing.
  • Design studios focused on graphic design, interior design, and product design.
  • Art galleries and exhibition spaces showcasing the work of local and regional artists.
  • Music and performing arts venues for live performances, concerts, and festivals.
  • Production companies for film, television, and other media projects.
  • Software development firms specialising in gaming, virtual reality, and other immersive technologies.
  • Education and training providers offering courses in creative disciplines.
  • Retail businesses selling art supplies, craft materials, and creative products.
  • Tourism operators providing unique experiences based on the Harvey Region’s cultural and natural assets.
  • Event management companies specialising in creative events, weddings, and celebrations.
  • Investment in creative businesses with potential for growth in intellectual property development and the export of creative services.
  • Investment in programs and initiatives that support and encourage the growth of the creative industries, such as grants and funding schemes.
  • Opportunities to partner with the education sector, regional innovation hubs, and the start-up community through the Creative Tech Village and Harvey Community Hub.
  • Investing in creative talent development programs, such as mentorship and traineeship programs, to support the growth of the local creative industry and cultivate new talent.
  • Investing in technology and innovation to support the growth of the digital creative industries, such as virtual and augmented reality, gaming, and software development.
  • Investing in the development of cultural tourism, such as festivals, events, and cultural tours, to showcase the unique cultural and artistic offerings of the Harvey Region.
  • Investing in the development of creative co-working spaces, such as shared studios and workspaces, to provide affordable and collaborative spaces for creatives to work and network.

Creative Tech Village

Located only minutes away from the Harvey Region, the Western Australian Creative Tech Innovation Hub (WACTIH) trading as the Creative Tech Village (CTV) delivers both a hands-on and distributed model for interactive and tech-savvy entrepreneurship, learning and research in design and integration of digital technologies for business, the arts and education.

CTV offers a range of consultancy skills from strategic creative tech planning, to facilitated workshops specialising in community and industry activation, utilising innovation and ideation processes. 

Homegrown Heroes.

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