General & Strategic Industrial Precincts

General & Strategic Industrial Precincts

The Harvey Region is home to one of the State’s most significant heavy industrial land sites, as well as other general industrial zones that support major engineering and construction businesses.
Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area

Selected by the Western Australian Government as a site for strategic and downstream processing industries in the South West, with links to the Bunbury Port by road, and land reserved for a future rail connection if required. Target industries include those processing the area’s natural resources (silica sands, lithium, gas and other minerals), as well as other heavy industries.

  • Location: Marriott Road, Wellesley, 17 kilometres north east of Bunbury and 12 kilometres north east of Australind.
  • Site Size: Kemerton is the largest Strategic Industrial Area in the South West, comprising 2,025 hectares of Industrial Land, 293 hectares of Support Area and an Industry Buffer of 5,437 hectares.
  • Leading Proponents:
Harvey Industrial Precinct

Contains properties which are zoned both “general industry” and “light and service industry”, adjacent to the Harvey townsite.

Brunswick Industrial Precinct

Consists of both “general industry” and “light and service industry” zoned properties, adjacent to the Brunswick townsite.

  • Location: Clustered in a corridor running along South Western Highway south of the George Avenue intersection, Brunswick.
  • Site Size: Majority of the precinct has already been developed.
  • Leading Proponents:
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