Food, Agribusiness & Technologies

Food, Agribusiness & Technologies

WA’s Fertile Agriculture Powerhouse.

The Food, Agribusiness, and Technologies industry is well-established in the Harvey Region and offers businesses access to leading irrigation systems, agricultural education providers, and national industry associations.

The Harvey Region is one of the most pristine natural environments in Australia, making it the ideal place to grow and create the best quality produce through sustainable farming methods and high-value food production.

Supported by critical infrastructure such as the Harvey Water scheme, our fertile land produces an impressive variety of food, including dairy, beef, fruit, and vegetables. With its diverse agricultural offering and strong knowledge base, the Harvey Region presents a multitude of opportunities for investors looking to tap into the growing demand for high-quality produce, both domestically and internationally.

The Harvey Region produces 10% of WA’s fruit and vegetables and is home to the state’s largest beef processor and southernmost commercial mango producer.

Our Point of Difference
  • An ideal location for investment in the food and agriculture industry because of its pristine natural environment, reliable rainfall and accessibility to markets.
  • Easy access to the state-leading South West Irrigation Area (Harvey Water).
  • The presence of leading agricultural education organisations, such as the WA College of Agriculture, offers enormous opportunities to test, refine, and implement agricultural innovations and agritech.
  • The Harvey Water scheme is a critical infrastructure element that underpins the Harvey Region’s productive capacity, enabling reliable and intensified agricultural production of higher value niche products.
  • The industry generated $340.7 million in local economic output and provided over 500 local jobs in 2021, contributing to the National Farmers Federation’s strategic target to reach $100 billion in farm gate output by 2030.


The Harvey Region is one of WA’s premier food bowls and the Harvey Water scheme is a critical infrastructure element in the region’s productive capacity.
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What’s on Offer
  • There are opportunities for downstream food processing, as well as transport and storage for both farm and processed produce, including investment in food manufacturing, packaging, storage, warehousing, and distribution.
  • The Harvey Region is well-placed to capitalise on opportunities for exporting high-end perishable produce into under-serviced domestic markets and increasing demand from Asian markets, with close proximity to key transport systems (air, road, rail, sea).
  • Our sustainable farming practices put us ahead of the curve. With increasing demand for sustainable and environmentally friendly farming practices, there is an opportunity for investment in innovative technologies that promote sustainable agriculture, such as precision farming, smart irrigation systems, and biopesticides.
  • Agritech start-ups are welcome. We offer an ideal location for developing cutting-edge technologies that enhance the efficiency of farming operations, increase crop yields, and reduce waste.
  • Farm-to-table tourism is thriving. The Harvey Region’s scenic countryside, picturesque vineyards, and fresh produce offer great potential for farm-to-table tourism, including accommodation, agritourism activities, and on-farm dining.
  • A food innovation hub awaits. The State Government is currently investigating the potential of a food innovation hub that supports local entrepreneurs and start-ups in developing and commercialising new food products in the South West.
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Key Fact

In 2021, the industry generated $216.4 million in local economic output and provided over 500 local jobs.​

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