Harvey Beef and EG Green & Sons

With a growing, worldwide reputation for excellence, Harvey Beef has become an established force in the Harvey Region.

Based in Harvey, Western Australia’s largest beef processor Harvey Beef produces the finest quality beef, sustainably raised in a pristine natural environment.

From humble beginnings in 1919 and now proudly owned by a sixth-generation WA farming family, they work with a specially selected group of local cattle farmers who share their commitment to outstanding quality, exceptional taste and sustainability from paddock to plate.

Nearly 70% of Harvey Beef’s products are exported overseas, supplying 35 countries including China, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan and the United States.

Harvey Beef is not open to the public. However, you can source this prime produce from Harvey’s Super IGA, Parton’s IGA and Kev’s Country Meats.


Grandson of Levi Green, a renowned Peel region first settler, Ernest G Green, was born in Pinjarra in 1888. Before 1909, when Ernest came to Harvey as a clearing contractor, he was a stockman at a station near Onslow.

In 1919, Ernest and his wife Mary opened a butcher’s shop in Harvey. For the first 25 years, the business employed a staff of two and slaughtered a handful of cattle each week. In 1925, they supplied meat to Harvey, Yarloop and Mornington Mills. Two retail outlets were opened in Bunbury and one in Yarloop in 1943, as well as meat being supplied to Collie.

At 56 years, Green died suddenly, leaving behind the foundations of what was to become the biggest meat processing works in Western Australia.

Eldest son Malcolm Ernest Green took over the business and formed the family company known as EG Green and Sons Pty Ltd, with the younger son Colin in charge of stock purchase and transport activities. Their sister, Alma Pilkington, also sat on the Board of Directors and was the secretary.

In 1959, EG Green & Sons received an export license, although they did not commence the export of meat overseas until the late 1960s. As the business thrived, the company branched out further into land and property, horse breeding and pastoral activities.

Located on the 190-hectare site known as Balmoral, three other nearby properties supported the Harvey abattoir. They mostly stocked Shorthorn and Hereford cattle and fat lambs on the Harvey farms.

EG Green & Sons eventually held five pastoral leases in the Kimberley, covering a million hectares and selectively breeding beef cattle. They also owned Balmoral Skins & Hides in Fremantle, where they handled the daily supply of skins and the sale and export of leather.

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