Live Harvey Region

Live Harvey Region

The Five-Minute Life Awaits.

If you’re looking for a place to live that offers the perfect balance of urban and rural living, the Harvey Region is the place for you.

Situated just a stone’s throw away from the City of Bunbury, the Harvey Region provides an exciting blend of the historic and the contemporary, with a tranquil coastline and undulating countryside all on your doorstep.

One of the key factors that make the Harvey Region a standout investment destination is its liveability.

Strong Sense of Community

The thriving job market, strong sense of community, safe location, easy access to community services, and robust education pathways all contribute to making it a place where people can establish their small to medium business or major investment project while enjoying a relaxed lifestyle. But it’s not just the business opportunities that make the Harvey Region an appealing destination.

Cultural, Nature & Sporting Pursuits

As one of the most biodiverse locations in Australia, the Harvey Region boasts 42 kilometres of open coastline with beautiful beaches, coastal estuaries, freshwater rivers and lakes, jarrah forests, national parks, abundant wildlife and a Mediterranean climate. All this is within 10 to 30-minutes travel time from residential and business locations. The Harvey Region’s natural assets make it the perfect place to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle, with a range of nature-based recreational activities such as beach-based sports, fishing, bushwalking, mountain biking (MTB), equestrian and golf on offer.

And for those who prefer cultural and sporting pursuits, the region is home to a range of major events, including the Harvey Harvest Festival, Lost and Found Festival, Country Sounds Music and Arts Festival, South West Academy of Sport Albemarle Fun Run, and a variety of other adventure, sport, heritage, food, and wine events.

Five Minutes From Anywhere

What’s more, the Harvey Region offers some of the shortest journey-to-work times in the country, with the majority of people living within minutes of their work or school, and traffic congestion almost non-existent. This means you’ll have more time to spend outdoors or integrating with the local community, improving your wellness, engagement and workplace productivity.

Education at the Forefront

Besides its lifestyle advantages, the Harvey Region supports quality infrastructure and services, including a major TAFE institute, more than 16 quality schooling options, a network of major and rural hospitals, as well as access to high calibre multipurpose services.

And for sports lovers, the area offers more than 35 sporting grounds and facilities hosting netball, horse-riding, skateboarding, badminton, tennis, football and more. So, why put up with unaffordability, limited outdoor options or the lack of time you can spend with your family because of bad traffic?

In the Harvey Region, you’ll find a place where you are five minutes from home, five minutes from being on the water, and five minutes from a nature reserve. Invest in a place you’ll love to live in, and experience the perfect balance of urban and rural living in the Harvey Region.

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