Commercial Precints

Commercial Precints

With seven towns and a large urban area, the Harvey Region provides a range of commercial precincts ripe for business operations and investment.


Treendale District Centre

The Treendale District Centre development comprises urban development with residential, hospitality, health, retail, tourism, mixed use and recreation use.

  • Location: Grand Entrance, Treendale.
  • Site Size: Approximately 20,000 square metres of leaseable floor space (including developed and undeveloped lots).
  • Leading Proponents:
    • Treendale Farm Hotel
    • Treendale Shopping Centre.
  • Potential Market Opportunities:
Australind Neighbourhood Centre

The Australind Neighbourhood Centre development comprises urban development with residential, retail, hospitality, health and recreation use.

Kingston Local Centre

Kingston Neighbourhood Centre presents numerous opportunities, including Lot 9020 Leisure Drive within Kingston Estate.

  • Location: Lot 9020 Leisure Drive, Kingston.
  • Site Size: 4500 square metres.
  • Potential Market Opportunities:
    • Mixed use development. Note, no land availability presently.
Treendale Local Centre

Treendale’s Local Centre provides for retail and commercial development.

  • Location: East and west of The Boulevard, north of Quartz Drive, Treendale.
  • Site Size: 4500 square metres.
  • Leading Proponents
  • Potential Market Opportunities:
    • Retail and commercial opportunities.
Other Precincts
  • Harvey’s central business district (CBD) also contains a vibrant neighborhood centre with retail and other properties located on Uduc Road, Hayward Street, Harper Street, Becher Street, and Gibbs Street.
  • Small retail areas can also be found in Binningup, Brunswick, Roelands, Cookernup, and Yarloop.
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