Uncover the key industries that keep the wheels turning within the Shire of Harvey LGA, and meet the makers and shakers driving the Harvey Region’s economic growth.

These four high-value industries are envisaged to be key drivers for economic growth and development in the Harvey Region’s future:

  1. Food & Agribusiness
    The Food, Agribusiness, and Technologies industry is well-established within the Harvey Region and offers businesses access to leading irrigation systems, agricultural education providers, and national industry associations. The Harvey Region produces 10% of WA’s fruit and vegetables and is home to the state’s largest beef processor and southern-most commercial mango producer.
  2. Tourism, Sport & Leisure
    The Harvey Region’s Tourism, Sport, and Leisure industry is continually developing, offering businesses opportunities to take advantage of the area’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural events. The area boasts 42kms of continuous coastline, walking and bike trails, and hosts popular events like the Brunswick and Harvey Shows and the Country Sounds Music and Arts Festival.
  3. Mining & Manufacturing
    The Mining and Manufacturing industry is well established within the Harvey Region, generating over $2.2 billion or 62.2% of the total economic output in 2021.
  4. Renewable & Clean Technology
    The Renewable and Clean Technologies industry is developing, with multiple offshore wind energy projects proposed for the waters off the Harvey Region’s coast.

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