Leschenault Estuary

Originally part of the Leschenault Inlet system, the Leschenault Estuary (Derbal Elaap) is approximately 13.5 km in length and has a maximum width of approximately 2.5 km.

Formed only 8,000 years ago, the estuarine lagoon is separated from the ocean by a thin peninsula of sand dunes called the Leschenault Peninsula and forms part of the ecologically valuable Swan Coastal Plain and the Kalgulup Regional Park.

The Estuary is one of Western Australia’s most significant migratory bird wetlands, including many Black Swans (Cygnus atratus). It is also home to a resident pod of dolphins.

This impressive water system is popular with kite surfers when the wind is up.





  • Public toilets
  • Dog friendly
  • Family-friendly
  • Car park
  • Playground
  • BBQ
  • Large group-friendly
  • Free parking
  • Picnic facilities

Leschenault Estuary

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