Mining & Extractive Industries

Mining & Extractive Industries

Digging Deep – Rich in Natural Resources.

The Harvey Region is home to processing giants MGM, Simcoa, Alcoa, B&J Catalano, and Tronox, and boasts more than 48 active sites with a rich abundance of resources.

Mining and Extractive industries are an important component of the Harvey Region’s economy. Materials include sand, limestone and gravel. Generally, gravel is extracted from the hills area, sand from the Swan Coastal Plain and limestone from coastal areas, particularly around Myalup.

The Harvey Region also supports major industrial activities, including processing centres for materials obtained from outside the district. The Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area, located 19 kilometres south west of Harvey and 12 kilometres north east of Australind, supports the majority of our processing plants.

To the north, international giant Alcoa operates a large bauxite mine along the Darling Scarp under a 12,619 square kilometre bauxite mining lease granted by the Western Australian Government.

Resource-Rich Region
  • The Harvey Region’s rich natural resources, including sand, limestone, and gravel, make it a significant contributor to Australia’s economy.
  • It’s also home to the largest lithium hydroxide processing facility outside of China as of 2022.
  • One of the Harvey Region’s largest employing industries, major alumina refineries are located immediately adjacent to the Harvey Region boundaries at Wagerup (Alcoa) and Worsley (South 32).
The Bottom Line
  • In 2021/22, the mining industry’s economic output in the Harvey Region was approximately $1.23 billion, creating 1,013 local jobs.
  • In 2022, the mining industry accounted for 47%, or $169.6 billion of Western Australia’s Gross State Product.
  • The mining and extractive industry is a significant contributor to the Australian economy, with a forecasted record $419 billion for the 2022-23 financial year.
Opportunities on Offer
  • Investment opportunities exist in the expansion of companies such as Albemarle, an emerging major operator in the manufacturing industry in the Harvey Region. Albemarle has announced plans to expand its lithium processing capacity at its Kemerton plant.
  • The potential for further expansion at the Kemerton Strategic Industrial Area, which is the Harvey Region’s main industrial site and expected to attract additional development.
  • The increasing demand for lithium and other raw materials for use in clean energy technologies could create new opportunities for mining and extraction in the Harvey Region.
  • There is a need for workers’ accommodation to support the growing mining and extractive industries in the Harvey Region, with projects such as Albemarle’s Paris Grove workers’ accommodation development presenting potential investment opportunities for local businesses.
  • With the rapid pace of technological development in the mining industry, there are opportunities for companies to invest in new technologies that can help to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase sustainability.
  • With growing concerns around environmental sustainability, there is a trend towards more sustainable mining practices. Companies that invest in renewable energy and sustainable water management, for example, may be more attractive to investors who prioritise environmental responsibility.
  • As global demand for minerals continues to increase, and the boom days of iron ore perhaps tipped to recede, there is an opportunity for companies operating in the Harvey Region to tap into international markets. This may involve expanding production or developing new export channels.
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Key Fact

In 2021/22, the mining industry’s economic output in the Harvey Region was approximately $1.23 billion, creating 1,013 local jobs.

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