Cream of the Crop.

Get ready to indulge in some of the creamiest dairy products in Australia, all thanks to the Harvey Region’s thriving dairy industry.

Located in Brunswick, Harvey, Benger, and Roelands, the Harvey Region is one of only three areas in Western Australia that produces dairy. Local dairy farmers benefit from low-cost, pasture-based production systems, underpinned by reliable rainfall and irrigation options. This translates to lower costs of production, considerable growth potential and a more reliable milk supply when compared with many dairy districts in both Australia and overseas.

Harvey Region milk is some of the cleanest and highest quality in the country, making it a popular choice for consumers in Asia and the Middle East. Brownes Dairy is Australia’s oldest dairy, established in 1886. Their cheese manufacturing facility in Brunswick was opened in the 1920s. Today, Brownes produce milk, cheese and other products for interstate and international markets.

With a significant contribution to Australia’s total milk production and a growing export market, the Harvey Region’s dairy industry offers endless opportunities for investment and growth.

Dairy Dollars Matter
  • One of three main areas that make up Western Australia’s dairy industry, production occurs year-round using free-range production systems.
  • Producers experience low-cost pasture-based systems, reliable rainfall and irrigation options.
  • The Mediterranean climate offers mild winters, warm summers and high rainfall.
  • Home to Australia’s oldest dairy, Brownes Dairy, which exports to South East Asian markets.
  • Harvey Cheese is a Western Australian favourite and also the state’s largest artisan cheese producer.
  • The Halls Family Dairy has become renowned for their Suzette Cheese, which is loved by chefs across Australia.
The Bottom Line
  • There are approximately 112 dairy farms with a total herd size of 50,000 cows, producing a variety of dairy products, including fresh liquid milk, cheese, and butter.
  • The South West region of WA contributes 4% of Australia’s total milk production, producing approximately 340 million litres of milk per year.
  • The value of milk leaving farms in the South West is worth $230 million annually.
  • The majority of milk produced in the South West is consumed in the domestic market, with some exports to the Singapore market.
Opportunities on Offer
  • Investing in research and development focused on improving dairy production practices, or developing new dairy products can lead to innovation and improved profitability for farmers and processors alike. This investment can lead to improved yields, increased efficiency, and new product offerings that meet changing consumer preferences.
  • Investing in automation systems, food tracing or herd health monitoring tools can improve the efficiency and profitability of dairy operations and animal welfare.
  • The high-quality milk produced in the Harvey Region offers opportunities for specialty cheese manufacturing, particularly given the preference for ‘whiter’ milk in some international markets.
  • Given the scale of milk production in the Harvey Region, there is an opportunity to invest in large-scale dairy commodity processing facilities. This investment can provide an efficient and cost-effective means of processing milk and adding value to the local dairy industry.
  • With most of the cheese and butter sold in WA supermarkets coming from interstate, there is an opportunity for investors to establish secondary value add manufacturing capacity in the Harvey Region, such as butter or cheese production.
  • Investing in marketing and distribution channels for the Harvey Region’s dairy products can help to increase the area’s reach and expand sales both domestically and internationally.

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