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Avocado & Citrus

Avo & Citrus Sweet Spot.

The Harvey Region is renowned for its thriving citrus industry, with over 437 hectares of land dedicated to fruit production. This area is known for its perfect growing conditions thanks to loamy soils, a Mediterranean climate, and the availability of high quality water.

Steeped in history, citrus growing began in Harvey in 1895, based on similarly successful developments on the east coast of Australia in Renmark and Mildura.

The citrus season runs from May to December, and during this time, harvests include easy peel mandarins, navel and Valencia oranges. New plantings of seedless Valencia oranges are also being produced for the summer fresh market, along with lemon, lime and grapefruit.

Growers are also expanding their businesses to include avocados, that presents a significant opportunity for growth, particularly as avocados comprise over 30% of the state’s fruit production. The paddock-to-plate concept is alive and well in the Harvey Region too, as visitors are able to enjoy the area’s fresh citrus and other fruits first hand at local orchards and cafes.

Fruitful Endeavours
  • The rich, loamy soils and Mediterranean climate as well as access to the Harvey Water irrigation system combine to create an ideal citrus and avocado-growing environment.
  • The industry has a long history in the Harvey Region, dating back to the late 1800s.
  • There’s easy access to Perth Market, Canningvale via the South Western and Forrest highways.
The Bottom Line
  • Approximately 437 hectares are used for fruit production, making up just under 1% of the total horticultural land used in the state.
  • Oranges and mandarins are among the main citrus fruits grown in the southern regions of Western Australia, with the former making up 3.1% of the state’s fruit production and the latter making up 1.7%.
  • The state’s orange harvest produces over 12,000 tonnes annually, with a value of over $19 million, while mandarin farmers produce over 5,000 tonnes per annum, with a value in excess of $11 million.
  • The Harvey Region’s mandarin production value was approximately $5.7 million in the 2020/21 financial year.
  • Avocados dominate the value of fruit produced in Western Australia, comprising over 30% of the state’s total fruit production.
  • Western Australia’s total fruit production is valued at $638 million.


Across the South West, more land is being used for horticulture, including fruit trees and avocados, which had previously been given over to grazing and pastoral land.

Dennis King, Horticulturist and Lecturer


Opportunities on Offer
  • Investing in citrus orchards to take advantage of the Harvey Region’s ideal growing conditions and high-quality fruit production.
  • Investing in avocado orchards to take advantage of the Harvey Region’s ideal growing conditions and the dominance of avocados in the Western Australian fruit production market.
  • Supporting local businesses that offer fresh citrus and other fruits, including cafes and orchard tours, which can provide a unique added-value experience for visitors to the region.
  • Investing in research and development to further improve the quality and yields of local citrus and avocado crops.

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