Strategies & Plans

The growth of the Harvey Region’s economy is no accident. The plans and strategies that have been implemented by the Destination Harvey Region team are the driving force behind the Region’s growing success.

The overarching vision of the Shire’s economic development activities is to create a positive influence on the local business operating environment, implementing capacity building and business-friendly initiatives that will assist businesses to grow and residents to connect with local employment opportunities.

Four focus areas have been developed to guide the Shire’s actions in working towards this goal.

  1. Strategic Industries
  2. Business Support
  3. Tourism
  4. Towns and Infrastructure.


The Shire of Harvey is committed to growing the Region’s visitor economy.

In the pursuit of maximising the economic, social and cultural growth of our visitor economy, the Shire of Harvey has developed a comprehensive road map for sustainable tourism development within the Harvey Region.

The Harvey Region Tourism Road Map 2031 Implementation Plan (Tourism Road Map 2031) will be reviewed regularly so that it remains flexible and responsive to change, new ideas and investment opportunities.

Each year, the Shire’s Destination Harvey Region Business Unit and Harvey Region Tourism Advisory Group will identify core priorities for implementation.

Our Strategies & Plans

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