Connect With Our Social Media

Connect With Our Social Media

Gain more reach through our social media channels.

We are active on Facebook, Instagram, and share of LinkedIn account with the Shire of Harvey.

We have a Harvey Region YouTube channel on which we share videos.

Adding images to Google listings within the Harvey Region is also a key priority.


How to Connect

Here are some tips on how you can access our audience and promote your business to potential visitors:

  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what’s happening across the Region day-to-day.
  • Tag @harveyregion to show us what you’re up to and the chance to be featured on our feed.
  • Add us as a co-host on your Facebook events so we can help spread the word!

Tourism businesses should also consider using current industry tags, such as:

#australiassouthwest #BunGeo #WATheDreamState #SeeAustralia #AustralisSouthWest #WesternAustralia #TravelGram #WalkingOnADream #PerthIsOK #PerthVibes #WestTravelClub #WestIsBest #SoPerth #AustTraveller

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