Yarloop Silhouettes Public Art

Yarloop Silhouettes Public Art
The Black Silhouettes of Yarloop are impressive public art figures that represent some of the townsfolk you would have met around Yarloop in the early days.

Within the town site, you will find a typical mill worker’s family, dressed in their Sunday best, a doctor, a nurse, and a blacksmith. Leading South West artist Helen Seiver created the silhouettes.

Nearby the Silhouettes you will find a large wooden gazebo, also depicting Yarloop’s historical procession throughout its history, with a focus on timber milling and engineering. Yarloop jarrah timber is still in use in railway lines in Bangladesh, India, and China. The ornate gazebo is the perfect picnic spot.

Discover the Silhouettes on the Yarloop Heritage Walk Trail.


  • Dog friendly
  • Family-friendly
  • Picnic facilities

Yarloop Silhouettes Public Art

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