Yarloop Heritage Walk Trail

Yarloop Heritage Walk Trail
From its origins as a bustling timber mill town to a picturesque rural escape, Yarloop has an interesting story to tell.

On 7 January 2016, bushfires destroyed 166 houses and public buildings in Yarloop, including several mill houses and the Yarloop Workshops. Tragically, two lives were lost.

The Yarloop Heritage Walk Trail seeks to remember the sites of former and current buildings and infrastructure which have been lost to fire, time and development. The trail meanders around the town’s streets guided by numbered plaques providing information and context about that former part of Yarloop’s history.

The journey begins and ends at the former site of the Town Hall and the current site of the town’s Community Resource Centre (YCRC).

Trailhead Location


  • Grade 1 walk


  • 3.4 km


  • Approximately 1.5 hours if done at a leisurely pace

Yarloop Heritage Walk Trail

  • Barrington Knight Rd, Yarloop WA 6218, Australia
  • Open 24 hours
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