Snell’s Park

Snell’s Park is located within Harvey’s Railway Station Precinct and the town centre.

It is a popular resting point for visitors with plenty of grass and shade and public toilets that are open during daylight hours.

The beautiful gardens boast several old roses, hundreds of bulbs, and brightly coloured garden beds. Within the Park, you will also find the historic CWA Building.

Snell’s Park regularly hosts events, such as food markets and the famous Harvey Harvest Festival.

Nearby are an RV Dump Point and an electric vehicle charging station.

Meet Alf Snell 1863 – 1936

Mr Alfred Snell

Alfred Snell was employed by the Railways as District Traffic Superintendent from 1896 to 1911.

He had trained in England before moving to Singapore and then Western Australia. Following his resignation from the Railways, Snell established Snell’s Garage along with an orchard and house on Harper Street he called Devonia after his home country of Devon,

Early settlers lived in tents in this area before they managed to build or secure lodging. After WW II, this continued with families of the men working on the development of Harvey’s irrigation channels also seeking refuge.

The park was gifted to the Shire of Harvey in 1936. It was named after Alf, whose efforts first established its gardens.

Harvey CWA 1936

Snell Park and Harvey CWA

The Harvey Branch of the Country Women’s Association (CWA) had their first meeting in 1931 and the Rest Room and Meeting Place was established on this site in 1936 with the building relocated from the South West.

Traditionally, CWAs in Western Australia were located next to train stations to provide travellers with amenities and refreshments.

In 1940, the restrooms were extended and 42 members gathered to pack ‘camp comforts’ for servicemen.

Before Harvey obtained their own Infant Health Centre in 1954, the CWA rooms were also used by a travelling Clinic Sister.




  • Wheelchair-accessible toilets
  • Public toilets
  • Dog friendly
  • Family-friendly
  • Free-wifi
  • Picnic facilities

Snell’s Park

  • Hayward Street, Harvey WA 6220
  • Open 24 Hours
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