Runnymede Farm

Founded in 2014, Runnymede Farm produces pasture-raised eggs and grass-fed beef.

Taste the Happiness! Runnymede Farm hens roam green paddocks chasing bugs, dust bathing and doing chickeny things. They have continual access to GMO-free grain and lay their eggs in an eggmobile that moves around the farm.

Their hens are protected by their loyal Maremma Sheepdog guardians, Bacon and Beans.

Based in Uduc, Runnymede is also a national leader in regenerative farming techniques. Regenerative agriculture leads to healthy soil, capable of producing high quality, nutrient-dense food while simultaneously improving, rather than degrading land, and ultimately leading to productive farms and healthy communities and economies.

Source Runnymede eggs in the Harvey Region at Kev’s Country Meats in Harvey and Melville Park Farm Shop near Brunswick. They are also available in selective shops and markets throughout Western Australia.

Interesting Fact: Runnymede Farm is named after one of the original farms of the district which was located closer to Binningup.








Runnymede Farm

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