Old Grieve’s Abattoir 1900s

Old Grieve’s Abattoir 1900s
Private property. Visible from the road.
This unique, two-story shed is a former slaughterhouse (abattoir) owned by butcher John Grieves (1880-1918).

In 1902, John Grieves settled in the district in 1902.

He worked as a stock agent and butcher, maintained the sale yards on Harper Street near the railway line, and worked his small farm at Fryer Road, and an orchard on Seventh Street.

This building is believed to be similar to another slaughterhouse once located on Hocart Road and operated by John’s brother-in-law, Ernie Green.

Ernie Green went on to establish the successful E.G. Green & Sons (Harvey Beef) it is not surprising there are similarities in the design.

John was one of the founders of the Citrus Society, and later, was president of that body. He was also a member of the Road Board.

Old Grieve’s Abattoir

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