Munda Biddi Trail

Munda Biddi Trail is a cycle trail through natural Australian bushland, showcasing the best nature experience of Western Australia. This world-class nature experience is 1000 kms from Mundaring, near Perth to Albany in the South.

Munda Biddi means “path through the forest” in the Noongar Aboriginal language and it is officially the world’s longest continuous off-road cycling track. Lonely Planet and National Geographic have named it one of the world’s top 10 cycling tracks.

In the Harvey Region, the Munda Biddi Trail is accessible from five main locations.

  1. Logue Brook Dam – Lake Brockman: To access the upper Harvey Region section of the Munda Biddi Trail from Lake Brockman simply join the track at the corner of Logue Brook Dam Road and Scarp Road in Cookernup. To the south, enter the trail at Blackburn Road (old forestry track).
  2. Stromlo Road: One of the closest points from Harvey to reach the Munda Biddi, the Stromolo Road point is located immediately off Honeymoon Road. Though gravel, it is easily accessed with a 2WD. It is also a beautiful part of the trail as it follows Falls Brook.
  3. Harvey-Quindanning Road: To access the trail from the Harvey townsite, turn left onto South Western Highway, travel south approximately 1 km, and turn left onto Weir Road. Travelling east, the road becomes the Harvey-Quindanning Road just past the Harvey Dam turnoff. From here, it is approximately 6.8km to the Stirling Dam turnoff. From this turnoff, there is 3.6 kms of winding bitumen to the Honeymoon Road turnoff. This is where the bitumen ends and the gravel begins. Travel for 3.5km until another bitumen section begins. This section is 1.9km and then returns to gravel. Travel 3.7 kms and you have arrived at the drop-off point for the lower Harvey section of the Munda Biddi Trail.
  4. Myles Avenue, Mornington: To access the Munda Biddi in the Mornington region, turn off the South Western Highway to Mornington Road. Travel for 10 kms along Mornington Road until you reach Myles Avenue (gravel). Travel 2.3 kms until you reach Yukon Road, where you can join the Munda Biddi Trail. The Yarri Camping Hut is only about 5 kms from this point.
  5. Zephyr Road – Mornington Road: At the corner of Zephyr Road, Camford Road, and Mornington Road you will find a bitumen access point to the Munda Biddi.


Beat the Biddi – Yarri Hut to Lake Brockman

Join the Trail off Mornington Road. Stay the night at the Yarri Hut before rising early to cycle north through the stunning Mornington region to Lake Brockman/Logue Brook. This 47.2km leg of the trail travels through beautiful Jarrah and Blackbutt forests and over many small creeks.

For a more laid-back, easier ride on the Munda Biddi Trail, the following rides are rated as easy (classified by level of difficulty based on distance, level of terrain and surface conditions):

  1. Lake Brockman/Logue Brook Picnic Area to Stromlo Road (15 kms)
  2. Myles Avenue to Lancaster Road (through Yarri campground, 16 kms)
  3. Collie to Mornington Road (15.5 kms)

Please note: No trail bikes are permitted on this trail.


  • Large group-friendly
  • Campsites available
  • Picnic facilities
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