Jo O’Dea Events Management

Jo is a trusted and respected member of the Western Australian creative community. Her passion, expertise, and dedication is instrumental in the delivery of signature events across the State.

Jo’s recent events included:

  • Picnic at the Port for the Southern Port Authority, April 2023

  • Bunbury Fringe, January 2023

  • South-West Multicultural Festival, February 2023

  • Koolambidi Woola Open Day at Bunbury’s new award winning youth precinct, October 2022

  • South32 Hello Summer Concert, December 2022

  • Kaya Collie Quarry Dinner, October 2022

  • Nannup Flower and Garden Festival, August 2022

  • Geographe and Western Australian Alternative Varieties Wine show, September 2022

Jo also loves a chat. So, if you’re wondering how you can get your next event off the ground be sure to give Jo a call.

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