Harvey RV Short Stay

The Shire of Harvey is an RV-friendly town offering several free RV-friendly camping sites around the Harvey Region.

The Harvey RV Short Stay site is located within the Harvey Recreation Grounds with an entry point off Sir James Avenue and with the Dump Point located at 42 Hayward Street

If you’re passing through the Harvey area or seeking to experience the charm of the Harvey township, book a site and relish the opportunity to explore all the offerings of this beautiful country town!

Please note:

  • When booking, please administratively book from 12am – 12am. This does not require you to physically arrive and depart at these times.
  • Arrive no earlier than 12pm at the site
  • Depart no later than 11am from the site

Additional conditions include:

  • Maximum period of stay is 48 hours only
  • Maximum of three RVs at any one time
  • Must have online booking.

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