Harvey Fruit Packing Shed Historic Site 1914

Harvey Fruit Packing Shed Historic Site 1914
The Harvey Fruit Packing shed was built by the Associated Fruitgrowers’ Ltd. in the railway yard in 1914. Thousands of cases of oranges went through this shed.

Frank Becher and Mr Ramage, an expert fruit packer, were in charge. Harvey oranges were graded and packed before being transported by rail to market.

About 1918, the Harvey Producers’ Co-operative Ltd. was formed and took over the shed.

A few years later, the Co-op purchased Harris and Moore’s grocery shop, owned by E Roesner, on Uduc Road. They also bought a block from Roesner and moved the shed on whim wheels to its present site.

In 1925, the Co-op built a larger store next to the original shop. Both shops were burned down in the early 1930s when the present brick building was erected.


Meet Eric Davis

Eric G Davis with son Paul and employees Norena Rees and Frank Zanetti. Credit: Memories of Harvey

The efforts of Eric George Davis opened up Harvey’s agriculture industry to Perth.

Originally from England, he arrived in Harvey in 1916 and worked as a farm labourer before becoming manager of the Co-operative Packing Shed in 1918.

The following year, he was appointed Secretary-Manager of the Harvey Co-operative Store.

From 1928, he was one of those who pioneered the sending of chilled milk to Perth, as well as serving as a Director of the Potato Distribution Ltd, the forerunner of the Potato Marketing Board.

In the 1930s, he took over as manager of Alfred Snell’s stores, later buying this business that operated as Eric Davis and Son.

Later in life, he was elected a member of the Harvey Road Board and was also involved in the Agricultural Society and the War Memorial Library.


Harvey Fruit Packing Shed Historic Site 1914

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