Harvey Masonic Hall 1914

Harvey Masonic Hall 1914
The Harvey Masonic Lodge is part of the Freemasons WA.

The Freemasons is one of the world’s oldest and largest fraternal organisations, having been practiced in countries worldwide for hundreds of years.


In January 1914, the Grand Lodge of WA received a petition for a new Masonic Lodge at Harvey.

Pioneer settler, Major Henry Geoffrey Palmer of Meriden Farm donated a portion of his land to the Lodge and on the 29 October 1914, Harvey Lodge No 96 was consecrated.

The gathering was one of the largest ever seen outside the Metropolitan area and representatives from the South West attended.

The Lodge met on the Wednesday after the full moon to enable members to journey home by horseback, buggy or train in moonlight. In the early years, it was also used as a classroom.

Wick lamps originally illuminated the Lodge but in November 1920 a gas light plant was installed.

In 1934, Perth architect, PW Harrison, designed a new temple. Once open, the original Lodge room became a supper room to accommodate large gatherings.

Harvey Masonic Hall

  • 9 Kidson Street, Harvey WA 6220
  • Members Only
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