Harvey Mainstreet Murals

Harvey Mainstreet Murals
Harvey Mainstreet Murals by artist Anthea Ward bring colour and messages of historical and cultural significance into Harvey.

Located in the centre of town, the murals celebrate who the people of Harvey are, by exploring the unique history and highlighting some things that are important to the community.

The images, animals and people portrayed in the panels have all been drawn from the local area. Each section of the mural draws comparisons between the old and new ways of doing things, reflecting the progression of these industries that still play an important part in the local economy.

Each panel is 6m long and 2m high and the paintings are acrylic with some mosaic sections.

  • The first panel depicts Harvey’s early settlement and timber industry, featuring the cedar colours of greens, browns and yellows.
  • The second focuses on the dairy and beef industries,
  • The third features Harvey’s citrus, water, irrigation, horticultural and viticultural industries.


  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Car park

Harvey Mainstreet Murals

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