Harvey River Diversion Drain Artwork

Harvey River Diversion Drain Artwork
The feat of the Harvey River Diversion Drain (also known as the Harvey Myalup Diversion Drain) is celebrated with a range of public art near the drain.

In 2014, the opening of the public artwork and interpretive shelter commemorated the history of the diversion drain and the impact it had on Western Australia.

An Army of Men – Shovel in Hand

As you cross over the Diversion Drain into Harvey, on your left you will find an impressive artwork by leading sculptors Alex and Nicole Mickle titled An Army of Men – Shovel in Hand.

Representing the monumental construction of the diversion drain by hand, the artwork consists of 190 shovels welded together in two separate panels, with 95 shovels in each panel. The shape of each panel represents the winding nature of the diversion from Harvey to the sea at Myalup.


The Wheelbarrow Man

Next to the Diversion Drain is another public art piece titled The Wheelbarrow Man, created by Peter Cook.

Horse Drawn Sand Scoop

Next to the artwork is an original horse-drawn sand scoop used in the construction of the Diversion Drain.

They recreated a replica of a photograph taken on Uduc Road Bridge at the first official opening in 1935 at the 2014 official opening.






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Harvey River Diversion Drain Artwork

  • 29 Uduc Rd, Harvey WA 6220, Australia
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