Fryers Bros Store 1922

Established in 1922, Fryer Bros. was a general store in Harvey during the 1920s and 30s run by brothers Doug and Syd Fryer.

The brothers both worked in the original Wilson’s Store until 1921, when the shop burnt down.

This led them to establish their own store. Fryer Bros. sold groceries, fruit and vegetables, hardware, and produce. Their service also included deliveries.

Part of the building is now home to Harvey Fish & Chips.

Meet Doug Fryer

Mr Doug Fryer

The Fryer family moved to Harvey in 1908. In this image, Doug Fryer is pictured working at Wilson’s Store in about 1920.

At the time, the customer was served all grocery items over the counter.

  • 96 Uduc Road, Harvey WA 6220
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