Coote Park

Cotte Park, also known colloquially as Kangaroo Park due to the large public art structures at its entrance, is a beautiful park opposite Treendale Farm Hotel.

A small lake with a fountain surrounds rolling green grass and pathways.

A plaque to the past owners, John and Hilda Coote, is within the park.


An easy, 600-metre wheelchair-accessible trail circumnavigates the park.



Treendale owes its name to Thomas Treen. Treen arrived in Australind in 1840 on the Island Queen as a Western Australian Land Company surveyor. After his death, Treendale Farm was subsequently owned by several pioneering families, including Rise, MacNish, Bevan, and Stanley. The Stanley family ran a dairy on the property.

In 1964, Treendale Farm was purchased by the Coote family and was developed in 2003.


  • Family-friendly
  • Car park
  • Picnic facilities
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