Cook’s Park Farm 1862

Cook’s Park Farm 1862
Cook’s Park in Leschenault is one of the oldest farms in the district.

James Rodgers, a convict after receiving seven years’ transportation for stealing cows, arrived on the Ramilies in 1854. After he received his Conditional Pardon in 1862, his employer, Benjamin Piggott, helped him establish a farm on land called Cook’s Park. He worked for Piggott until he saved enough money to buy 15 cows.

That year, he married Margaret Keenan from Ireland, and over the years, they had ten sons.

James Rodgers is recorded as saying that “he and his old woman lived in a lean-to, then a tent, before the homestead was built”.


The homestead was built between 1863 and 1870. The timber-constructed building, situated well back from the Leschenault Estuary to avoid flooding in wet weather, eventually formed an ‘L’ shape, the result of additions to accommodate the expanding family.

Rodgers and his family grew a wide range of produce, including wheat, rye, potatoes, and fruits, including oranges along with cattle, horses, and a few pigs. He transported most of his potatoes to Perth for sale.

From humble beginnings, at one stage the Rodgers bros held 5-10,000 acres of land.

The original buildings still stand today.

Cook’s Park Farm

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