Bob’s Hill 4WD Climb

Bob’s Hill 4WD Climb
Bob’s Hill is one of Western Australia’s most serious 4WD hill climbs. Located northeast of Brunswick, in the Beela Valley and Mornington Forest, Bob’s Hill is a short, steep, boulder-strewn track.

Parks & Wildlife, Wellington Region 4WD Care Group, and the 4WD Association jointly manage the track.

Bob’s Hill, a notorious hill climb, and only those with serious panel protection, big tyres and lockers, should attempt it.


Be warned – the length of Bob’s Hill is deceiving. The main section is 300m long and continues for another 200m after you reach the top! Attempt at your own risk.

To protect the environment, we also urge drivers to stay on the current track and avoid it in winter.

Bob’s Hill 4WD Climb

  • Big Tree Hill Road, Brunswick WA 6224, Australia
  • Open 24 hours
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